I am just kidding around, learning the the inner workings of web design and Let me make my domain private until I am prepared to display it.

What's the easiest method to do that?

BTW, I've an Apache server on Debian.

make use of an .htaccess file to produce a user/pass prompt (be cautioned that this is often bruteforced but it'll keep everyone out)

here is a good article on how to pull off applying this: http://world wide web.freewebmasterhelp.com/lessons/htaccess/3

That you can do 1 of 2 things will be able to think about:

  1. Use it a internal network which has no public access.
  2. Need a password to determine the the website and do not create it for anybody.

Other options:

  1. Setup a firewall rule to simply let your Ip(es) use of the website.
  2. Make use of a subdomain you don't tell anybody about (this is comparable to the password and hidden directory options).

Fast and simple way is always to inform your computer's firewall to bar port 80 (the main harbour webservers use).

Also, based on your webserver, you can configure it to simply serve on localhost.

In Apache, for instance, In my opinion you are able to edit the httpd.conf file and add Listen 127...1:80.

Place it inside a hidden directory and also have the toplevel site be a clear page. Unless of course someone knows or guesses your directory title, nobody might find your actual site.