I've built a drupal site which will contain on the 2500 nodes (property entries). I've got a feeling that the standard shared webhost won't be sufficient however i genuinely have not a way to understand. Neither will i know the number of hits the website can get, however i expect internet search engine visitors to become more than humans!

The website itself is not that complex however the routine maintenance is a little heavy. How do you start identifying the hosting needs for that site? I'd rather not purchase a devoted server if hosting that is shared works. However, I'd rather not opt for a shared host after which inside a couple days need to upgrade to some devoted server, cloud atmosphere or whatever.

Can there be a way to mathematically decipher it out or perhaps is it simply something you need to learn as time passes? My question is not much relating to this specific situation. I'm able to give more particulars from the situation as needed, however i am really searching for a principal, not really a resolution to some specific situation. Any words of knowledge available?

I suggest this method:

  • Deploy your website around the webserver from the webhost of your liking within "dummy" domain (which might be a subdomain like mystresstest.mydomain.com).
  • Make use of a stress test service like http://loadimpact.com to find out when the site are designed for the burden.
  • If OK, go accept that hoster, otherwise try a different one.

I believe there's not one other method to handle that. It totally is dependent around the "operation ethics" from the webhost... Which can alter with time...

Note: Remember that performance can alter on hosting that is shared. When the server runs merely a couple of sites it's faster than if this will get loaded with hosting that is shared domain names...