I am while using Database Publishing Wizard in VS2008 to push changes to my host company. It does not seem like individuals configurations opt for the project (which appears just a little silly in my experience), but instead they're going using the machine.

On each new machine that Let me publish from I have to feel the procedure for digging up my database configurations.

It is possible to method to backup/export/save these configurations to some file?

If that's the case, what exactly is it?

Err ... it seems the posting wizard uses 2 config files for it's application configuration:

The Publish Database Wizard uses the files user.config and hoster.config to store configuration information. The directory by which these files are saved should have the right NTFS file system permissions set. These files contain user names and encoded passwords. The passwords are encoded by utilizing DPAPI.

user.config File

This file stores endured host and configuration configurations for that Publish Database Wizard. The consumer.config file is situated at %SystemDrive%Documents and Settings%Username%Application DataMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server90ToolsPublishing Wizarduser.config.

hoster.config File

This file stores options about Web service addresses, user names, and databases for hosting that is shared companies. The hoster.config file is situated at %SystemDrive%Documents and Settings%Username%Application DataMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server90ToolsPublishing Wizardhoster.config.

I am attempting to access these files in Vista (with VS2008 and SQL Express installed) and striking out. I'll help you stay published.

Update: Appears like I did not possess the Posting Wizard installed in the end. After getting the version for VS2008 here, after which setting up (and do not worry -- you will not use whatever indication it's getting installed, however it does).... after which establishing my first database while using wizard, it appears like you will find indeed some configurations saved uder the 'Application Data' directory in the above list. However, it appears like it is simply a person.config, after which an XML apply for each database set up. In my opinion you are able to backup all these files later.