I am focusing on developing a small wordpress plugin to change the course Forms (around the add/edit category view) in Joomla.

I could make use of the tutorial on Joomla's site to change the forms on User Profiles, Articles, and Menus however, Groups don't appear to operate correctly.

This the code that i'm using:

defined('JPATH_BASE') or die

class plgContentCategoryType stretches JPlugin wordpress plugin language

        $lang = JFactory::getLanguage()

        $lang->load('plg_content_categorytype', JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR)

        if (!($form instanceof JForm)) 

        // Check we're adjusting a legitimate form.

        if (!in_array($form->getName(), array('com_groups.category'))) 

        if ($form->getName()=='com_groups.category') 



and this is exactly what the shape XML appears like:


    <fields title="params">

        <fieldset title="categorytype" label="PLG_CONTENT_CATEOGRYTYPE_FIELDSET_LABEL">

            <field title="category_type" type="list" label="PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_LABEL" description="PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_DESC">

                <option value=""></option>

                <option value="features">PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_FEATURES</option>

                <option value="posts">PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_Posts</option>

                <option value="spotlights">PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_SPOTLIGHTS</option>

                <option value="slices">PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_SLICES</option>

                <option value="news">PLG_CONTENT_CATEGORYTYPE_NEWS</option>





Any assist in what I am doing wrong could be greatly appreciated! Like I stated, it'll focus on any other kind of content, for example, for this to operate on menu's, have to alter the 'name' within the code.