Lately, Apache Maven appears to become getting caching issues. Carrying out clean installs on our projects using Home windows Vista or Home windows 7 sometimes produce items with similar data like a previous build despite the fact that the more recent artifact's files must have been up-to-date.

Can there be in whatever way to obvious this cache to pressure maven to continually trigger a clean build from the local artifact that needs to be built?

Particularly, we are getting issues creating a webapp using the war wordpress plugin. Maven version is 3..3. War wordpress plugin version is 2.1.1.

Remove the items (or even the full local repo) from c:\Users\username\.m2 manually.

Perhaps you have checked/transformed the updatePolicy configurations for the databases inside your [cde].

This element identifies how frequently updates should make an effort to occur. Maven will compare the neighborhood POM's timestamp (saved inside a repository's maven-metadata file) towards the remote. The options are: always, daily (default), interval:X (where X is definitely an integer within a few minutes) or never.

Attempt to place it to settings.xml.