I'm attempting to add Pictures to some custom publish type ('wheels') admin page, and i'm trying to get this done by having an array (see below).

The 'get_the_publish-thumbnail' area of the array is giving me the issue, can anybody let me know things i am doing wrong?

add_filter( 'manage_edit-wheels_columns', 'asd_edit_wheels_columns' ) ;

function asd_edit_wheels_columns( $columns ) {

    $columns = array(
      'cb' => '<input type="checkbox" />',
      'title' => __( 'Wheel Name' ),
      'rim_spokes' => __( '# Spokes' ),
      'wheel_tire' => __( 'Tire Name' ),
      'date' => __( 'Date' )
      'get_the_post-thumbnail [(post-thumbnail)'] => __( 'Featured' )
    return $columns;

Not necessarily sure just what you are attempting to complete there (is about some framework?), but I can tell that one possible error:

'get_the_post-thumbnail [(post-thumbnail)'] => __( 'Featured' )

At that time, you initially close the quotation, and you place the closing square bracket. This will provide you with a syntax error. I suppose you desired to incorporate the bracket within the string, which means you should switch the figures around.


Oh an also after 'date' => __( 'Date' ), there's a comma (,) missing.