Hi how will you query inside a custom page template , essentially I've this two page, the first is an application and the other is page which has a link (that one has got the value I have to pass towards the other page) , are you able to assist me to , thanks

PAGE1 includes a link such as this http://example.com/producDetail?data=1

PAGE 2 this can capture the information send by the first page $data = $_GET['data']

^ the GET query does not operate in me? I have no idea (it should be something?)

I'd first suggest you revise yourquestion a little to really make it not too confusing. Maybe include some code. Basically understand you right you need to have the ability to make a move such as this.

data url:


page you have to browse the data

echo"$data"; //somedata

Make sure that your form publish type set to obtain not Publish?