Wow, this title provided immediately "The question you are asking seems subjective and will probably be closed."

Anyway, after a little searching and reading through, I made the decision to request it.

Originating from my question: What are the first issues to check while optimizing an existing database?, which boiled lower to necessity to worry load a nearby SQL Server dev database received as backup .bak file.

Did I realize properly the answer by paxdiablo to question: "DB (SQL) automated stress/load tools?" that there's no general purpose stress loading testing SQL tools independent on RDBMS?

Do you know the stress test load-ing tools for SQL Server?
What's happening for affordable and dirty stress loading of local dev SQL Server database?

Update: And i'm thinking about stress loading SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 databases (getting not a clue about 2000).
OK, let us reserve final/real test (to QA speacialists, DBA and sysadmins) and confine the question in context of stress loading to locate apparent (crazy) defects in design, performance bottlenecks.

You're correct.

You will find no general purpose stress loading testing SQL tools separate from RDBMS.

And just how could there be? You are able to throughput benchmark the hardware sub-systems in isolation (for example SAN, network), however the performance of the database is dependent greatly in your access designs of the application(s), the kind of RDBMS, the hardware.

Your best choice would be to load test out your application attached to your database on the representative hardware platform. You will find several tools that may do, such as the Ultimate version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

As you word of warning: You can easily stress test alocal db to determine if the db design is good / bad / missing (bad indices etc.)

Attempting to come on time perforamnce metrics from that's futile - even with lots of memory (unlikely - most work stations are crappy memory smart in comparison to real db servers) your disc subsystem will SUCK (in 100 meter high letters) comapred as to the a genuine db server can throw in internet marketing. Becasue normal dev local databases have only one or possibly two dvds, while db servers frequently utilize much more and the majority faster dvds. As a result, waht might be SLOOOOW in your workstation might be a seconds operation around the sever.

However, thigns like bad index usage is seen.