Our client really wants to transfer all of the data within the Production CRM 4. database and employ it in UAT. What's the easiest method to transfer the information over.

I'd copy the database. Then make use of the Deployment Manager tool to import the business (this can update the MSCRM_CONFIG database, etc.). You might want to be cautious with such things as running workflows - as last From the these might save things like Organization Title within their serialized condition.

An alternative choice is by using scribe. this is the industry standard tool for moving CRM data around.


  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Right click your source database and choose Tasks/Support
  3. Update the Location to your preferred location and click on OK
  4. Right click the empty target database and select Tasks/Restore Database
  5. Choose from Tool and pick the file reputation for your backup, then click OK