I've been in a position to create simple MVC application to show the shape and employ information in the database. [ so sql I personally use Choose ].

However, after i use 'update' or 'delete' the information within the database stay. I do not understand!?!

[ I personally use controller.php call model and pass id to complement using the row within the table]

  1. I check data that pass inside, also it did echo the need for id.

  2. The page I load in the controller that call method in model has complete with no error (maybe the syntax is appropriate, but logic is wrong).

  3. and so i begin to change sql statement to Choose also it provides me with the worthiness that complement $id param'

I do not understand? any clue?

 $query = JFactory::getDbo()->getQuery(true);

 $db =& JFactory::getDBO();
 $query = "DELETE FROM `menutables`  WHERE `id2` = $id ";

$db->query(); // this line I also take it out to test, it is fine but no data change either