Usually I setup pages in Wordpress by putting all of the HTML in and also the client will edit this content within the WYSIWYG editor

This really is great, until they accidentally remove a div or break something.

What's the correct approach to take relating to this which makes it idiot proof, to ensure that they are able to change game titles, sentences etc without potentially removing areas of the dwelling?


In case your client doesn't know HTML, and also you know this starting the project, the only real things he/she ought to be typing within the page editor are words, submitted media, and elements that may be placed while using visual editor. It is a discomfort within the butt, however your theme ought to be the part that's "idiot proof".

Construct your theme to wrap the_content(); inside a div, and elegance all of the potential elements that may be input accordingly. Only depend on elements that may be added while using CKEditor.

e.g. (inside the loop, inside a theme template file)

<div id="myContentDiv">
<?php the_content(); ?>

Your CSS:

#myContentDiv p {


#myContentDiv ul {



There is a couple of options that involves me at this time:

  1. Use jquery plug ins to obtain posts (that is pretty bad IMHO)
  2. Make use of a wordpress plugin with shortcodes (which means you wrap each column together), that is good but user may spoil it yet
  3. Use custom fields (like one text area "Right column content", then you've another text area "Left column content" and so forth)

Each one of these 3 are very simple to apply! :)