It appears such as this should not be an problem, however i produced a generec Ajax component for custom Ajax calls. However, I came across that Joomla requirees an element to become present around the Administrator Components Menu. You even need to specify this within the Component's xml apply for this to operate correctly. Can there be anyway to prevent this?


There's a great explanation in book "Learning Joomla 1.5 - Extension and Framework Development" by Jams Kennard regarding how to create XML-RPC extensions like plug ins.

Before you begin take a look here:

Also Joomla sources can provide lots of related information

EDIT: ok, let say the only method I know carrying this out would be to take away the link from the DB soon after your component continues to be installed (or later):

inside your manifest file:

     <menu>Example Menu Item Text</menu>
         <menu link="anoption=avalue">Example Submenu Item Text</menu>
         <file driver="mysql" charset="utf8">example.install.sql</file>

in example.install.sql:

DELETE FROM jos_menu WHERE (title = "COM_YOUR_COMPONENT" OR title = "com_your_component") AND client_id = 1

but to become onest, I have not used at all it and that i don't known if joomla installer will run it within this order:

  1. create manu item
  2. remove manu item

There's a great way to manage the administration menu through advanced admin menu

You are able to group your component inside a special or existing tab to create it of attention

I understand in Joomla 1.5 it does'nt need a aspect of be for the reason that menu? Just don't tell it to place it within the menu! Inside your component's XML, just make certain the 'administration' block does not possess a 'menu' entry, like so:

        <filename>blah... </filename>

Adding the '<menu>' element towards the XML is exactly what adds it towards the admin components menu. Developing a publish-install SQL file to return and take away recption menus item you've clearly added appears a little crazy in my experience?