I am encountering a little but strange annoyance that appears to become happening with other people, too (for instance, check out the revision history of SEDE). I've got a SQL Server 2008 database project in Visual Studio 2010 that actually works correctly. After I visit commit/checkin to source control, I am told that my DB project's .dbmdl file has transformed, even if I have made no changes towards the project!

I am unsure when the changes are triggered because they build my solution (that also includes an ASP.Internet MVC application along with a unit test project) or simply by opening the DB project, but this really is getting type of annoying and it is creating clutter in source control.

Can you really stop these changes from occurring, or eliminate the .dbmdl file whatsoever?

In my opinion Visual Studio serializes the dbmdl file each time the project is opened up. The only real possible deal with is always to keep your project open.

Should you remove the .dbml file, it's reconstructed without errors or alerts, and so i think it is simply a cache apply for references, intellisense, etc. I am likely to exclude it from source control.

See related question here. The .dbmdl file is exclusive per user (plus some type of cache, as stated above) so the right option would be indeed to exclude it from source controll