I am focusing on a VB2008 project that references two Access databases using Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.

It might appear when the user doesn't have MSOffice on their own machine, this program crashes having a "XXX eliminateInch on startup on Vista and Win7.

I figured that Home windows had XP and above had Jet functionality built-in? Does anybody know why this really is happening? Do you know the correct project/publish/requirements needed please?


There's simply no Jet support for x64 architectures. Therefore the program will runtime error if you're running with an x64 proc as well as your application is producing to AnyCPU.

Alter the compile target of the application to x86 clearly as well as your problems is going away...basically have properly ID'ed the problem that's. When the failing machines are running x86 OSes then you will need to search for another solution. But when the failing machines are running x64 OSes i quickly guarantee this is actually the problem.