I'm quite a new comer to using Joomla. I've produced a custom module, however I must then add code close to the </body> tag (or close to the opening <body> tag) so it's certain to be not nested in a tables whatsoever that could be within the template.

I've situated particulars regarding how to do that inside a content plug-in, however I must simply have the module.

Any ideas? Thanks.

When the entire module would be to go right before </body> then you will have to produce a module position inside your template. Within the file /templates/[title]/index.php put this within the needed location:

<jdoc:include type="modules" title="endofpage" />

Now whenever you add the module you are able to place it within the position "endofpage" (or perhaps a better title when you purchase).

Otherwise, in case your primary module content will be inside the regular design, you'll have to create two modules or make use of the wordpress plugin method as if you stated. There's not a way to inject content into two various areas of a webpage with one module (unless of course you utilize Javascript to create it).

I am less than i follow why what DisgruntledGoat recommended will not work.

If you wish to add code immediately at the beginning of the

1) Produce a new module position inside your template.xml (refer to it as startofpage, or endofpage) 2) In your soul template index.php put the code 3) Based on what you would like to output, alter the style attribute from the module



<jdoc:include type="modules" title="startofpage" style="xhtml" />

...Your Articles IN HERE

<jdoc:include type="modules" title="endofpage" style="xhtml" />