I'm able to perform the font-face transformed use html into css style. however I am not need by doing this. because html download into android.

Such as this:

                webview.loadDataWithBaseURL(null, getHtmlData(WebviewActivity.this,html) , "text/html", "UTF-8", "about:blank");  

private String getHtmlData(Context context, String data){ 
        String head = "<head><style>@font-face {font-family: 'myfontface';src: url('file://"+ context.getFilesDir().getAbsolutePath()+ "/myfontface.TTF');}body {font-family: 'myfontface';}</style></head>"; 
        String htmlData= "<html>"+head+"<body>"+data+"</body></html>" ; 
        return htmlData; 

Can there be one other way?