I understand that one may be the strangest of strange questions I've requested till date. But I've got a reason.

The issue is that I've got a no of web sites located in diff servers (I dont own these servers) and each website has some pages where I must enter some execution time and date. The date/time I enter ought to be from the timezone by which my website's host server is running.

Would like to determine if there's worthwhile utility/website which could let me know the timezone/location of my hosting company basically provide the site address.

Try on some all of individuals servers your personal "system" page which will display the present time.

<%= DateTime.Now.ToString() %>

And you'll can get on like: http://site-no-x.com/timecheck

Something similar to this. Easy and effective.

ADDED: Bear in mind additionally that web servers and database servers may also have different time configurations. If your webhost (theoretically) keeps the net server farm on New england and it has the database servers on West coast, you will notice different dates came back by .NET's DateTime.Now and SQL's GETDATE().

This is not apt to be possible, as timezones are positioned in the OS level. (i.e.: You'd have to check programatically on each server itself making use of your language of preference.)

As a result, it may be simpler within the lengthy to repair the scripts.

Which means you can't customize the code to possess the one thing use UTC?