Prefer reactions via php or ROR if at all possible!


The slide widget at world wide can be used anywhere on the internet. But the slide designers have centralized edit abilities to those icons. A big change towards the widget core, will update across all installed icons.

Is this completed with a whole website engine?

Say I coded the Wordpress engine. Is it feasible that i can deploy my engine on my small clients own servers at their very own domain while still having the ability to control/update/edit the core and also have it update my clients engines.

The primary reason is perfect for clients to possess possession of the content and brand. A person might need to establish his online presence and thus he needs their own domain, but he still will pay something to possess his engine appropriately handled and upkept.

So far as I will tell the expensive objects within the icons are located on the servers, all that's used elsewhere is markup that references the widget much like embedding a YouTube video. Unless of course there will be something there which i aren't seeing.

You will find 2 ways you can do things i think you are asking.

1) You can give a service that hosts the net application in your servers. The consumer could point their domain for your server and also you would run the applying within virtual host and provide them administrator use of the applying to brand it. Basically you'd be supplying a website hosting service using the application engine pre-installed.

2) You can permit them to deploy it on the servers and supply automatic updates that will download and replace the applying files when they're transformed within the core. However this could require script write use of every folder where scripts are saved, therefore it would pose security problems on the server.

With respect to the kind of application you might cash from it used as services in your servers, and some form of fundamental wrapper that's used about the clients servers that conveys together with your services. You can then centralize all the business logic and also have images and templates and the like saved on the servers, and perhaps scripts that contact their database.