I am presently editing my pre-made layout downloaded online and i must edit the "Find Out MoreInch connect to a picture.

The very best example that i wish to achieve is much like within the website of www.hongkiat.com. Whenever you hover Continue Reading through, the backdrop changes.

my code within the template is:

<div class="entry">
<p><?php the_content('Read More...'); ?></p>

Thanks greatly ahead of time!

You can include an HTML [cde] tag like a parameter:


Presuming you've

<?php the_content('Read more...<img src="' . get_bloginfo('template_directory'). '/images/leaf.gif" alt="read more" title="Read more..." />'); ?>

You can include a behavior in CSS like so:

<div class="entry">
<p><?php the_content('<span class="readmore">Read More...</span>'); ?></p>