I am searching for some suggestions to wash the code that is produced by WordPress plus some plug-inches, because I am unhappy using the code produced by WordPress for 2 reasons:

  1. The code is not well formatted. I understand, I understand... It is not important since the browsers don't have to "parse" a properly formatted code. However, I love to keep all codes well formatted also it includes Web coding produced by me or third-part systems.

  2. Regrettably, certain parts from the code that WordPress puts around the <head> aren't well formatted and perhaps individuals parts aren't really necessary. Incidentally, I've no clue concerning how to clean-up it or how you can hook the function which prints that code.

Can there be a way to include tabs / spaces towards the code produced by WordPress without alter the core files / code?


Looking over the general ambiguity of the question, the file you have to edit to repair the <head> element is header.php. You'll find it inside your theme's folder in wordpress-contents.