Like me a newcomer in web design area,I needed to explain some questions running during my mind. 1. I wish to create a website with dynamic features without or with pluggins.Dynamic features could be like anything on the planet.Is it feasible will be able to create a website using Wordpress(that is mostly regarded as blogging service).

2.Must I learn the frameworks like Django or rails,if so why(its apparent I would need to learn CSS,Ajax,Javascript,PHP)?

3.I'd rather not learn drupal since it's time for learning curve is extremely greater compared to wordpress.(Yes I'm able to think about Joomla,but I'm not sure how long the process takes to understand on your own as in comparison to wordpress)

4.Again I wish to repeat, the dynamic features could be like anything on the planet whatever I'm able to think about.Could it be fully easy to customize once i get my hands perfectly on learning some languages and frameworks.I understand you will find many pluggins and styles in Wordpress.

5.I should also create a wealthy platform for advertisement which is commercial.Is it feasible which i create a type of advertisement that is i believe which could link holiday to a websites,blogs,people(customers).

When it comes to your question about learning frameworks, if you are brand-new to website design, I would need to highly suggest the PHP route... it's so much simpler to understand and is easier that Django. The issues and concepts you develop throughout happen to be experienced 1000 occasions before and therefore are usually easily search-able and connect-able.

Chris Coyier has an excellent video regarding how to make an AJAX Wordpress theme:

I'd have a look at jQuery for straightforward AJAX interactions, but when i stated, if you would like an AJAXified Wordpress site, the recording above is the best choice.

Rapid response to your lengthy real question is, yes, WordPress is a great starting point. Like a relative beginner it can help you produce a simple website in the beginning, but will help you to add complexity as the coding abilities and understanding from the platform increase. If you wish to create Software like a Service programs, you need to choose another thing to get involved with (Ruby on Rails or asp.internet could be good options), but when you want to produce a nice, complex, dynamic website WordPress is a terrific way to go.

To answer the questions you have particularly 1.Yes. 2. You don't have to to start. 3. Not really a question, however i essentially agree. 4. Wordpress won't limit you much initially. It'll limit you a lot more than, say, Ruby on Rails, however it will most likely take your coding abilities years to "outgrow" WordPress. 5. That needs to be fine.