I've produced a menu choice to turn off or on a food selection for Joomla visitors:

In administrator/components/com_menus/models/metadata/component.xml I added this line after line 20...

<param name="show_to_guest_only" type="radio" default="0" label="Show to Guest only" description="Show menu to guest user only.">
<option value="0">No</option>
<option value="1">Yes</option>

Then, I opened up the file modules/mod_mainmenu/helper.php before line 50, and added this code...

$row_params = new JParameter($row->params);
if ($row_params->get('show_to_guest_only') == 1 && $user->id ){

I Quickly visited my food selection and set « Show to Guest only » to « Yes » striking save. After I login I wish to begin to see the food selection disappear. To get this done I suppose I have to develop the continue; area to call the Joomla food selection and power it down it a person is drenched in. I'm searching for whether specific code will be able to test or general suggestions on the easiest method to proceed.

Listed here are more in depth instructions:
1. Produce a New Module Position known as notreg (in administrator site/ Template Manager / Module Positions in blank position i.e. 28)

  1. Produce a new Menu known as notregmenu (in Menu / Menu Manager)

  2. Visit Modules / Site Modules and Publish notregmenu Module with choice to not show title as well as in position notreg

  3. Now open template index.php (in site / Template Manager / Site Templates - choose and click on Edit HTML button

  4. Wherever you place the next code is dependent in your template but it must be situated somewhere wher your menu seems - during my template I've placed it simply after these three lines...

   <!-- BEGIN: LEFT COLUMN -->
          <div id="ja-col1">
          <div class="ja-innerpad">

here is the code to place...

<?php if ( !$my->id ) {?>
        <div id="notregmenu"><?php mosLoadModules ( 'notreg', -2 ); ?>
        } ?>

It works out that this works when i had referred to. The problem was which i place the hack into modules/mod_mainmenu/helper.php yet was trying to make this happen inside the wrong menu. After I examined around the mod_mainmenu products it labored great. Thanks anyways.