(How do i display images from the MySQL database within an Access 2007 form?)

I must use Access 2007 to interface to some MySQL database and display pictures along with other data inside a form.

I curently have an Access 2007 application that I'd rather not change much, basically might help it. I am simply not sure what data type works. "Attachment Data Type" isn't supported in MySQL. Also, my client really wants to have the ability to open and edit the look.

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(How do i deal with the 2GB database limit of MS Access (for exhibiting images)?)

(1) Keep filenames from the images in MS Access
(2) Use VBA to dynamically display these questions form dynamically (see How to display images from a folder in a form, a report, or a data access page).

To create the pictures editable:
(1) Make certain the file type (e.g. ".digital") is connected using the image editor of preference.
(2) Utilizing the same variable names as with the article mentioned above, add the next code towards the form by which ImageFrame is situated (see How to open a file in its default application using VBA)

Private Sub ImageFrame_Click()
    Application.FollowHyperlink (txtImageName)
End Sub

A couple of other sources that might be helpful

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