I am with a couple apache libraries during my code. Right now I am striking a number of issues that I have to debug. However the issue is after i pass data into among stated Apache libraries, after i attempt to walk into the technique call using netbeans it really does the processing without anyone's knowledge and does not walk into the code I wish to view.

Does anybody understand how I configure the IDE to ensure that I'm able to debug the apache code too? At this time I simply connect the JAR's using the project with the addition of them as libraries.

You have to fasten a source jar (e.g. commons-lang-2.4-sources.jar) for your dependency, instructions here

I ought to also recommend using Maven2 to handle any project dependencies, I have not used Netbeans not less than five years, but both Eclipse &lifier IntelliJ have Maven plug ins that will import all of your dependencies and link these to sources/javadoc jars instantly.

Possibly this reply can help you despite the fact that it's about Eclipse? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1732259/eclipse-how-to-debug-a-java-program-as-a-jar-file/1732316#1732316