I am transforming my wife's blog to Wordpress and I wish to display image art galleries much like how they are shown on Tumblr. Here's a good example of design: http://bobbyandmaura.com/post/8195960363/photoset_iframe/bobbyandmaura/tumblr_lp2nebJFEW1qhd8ae/500

I'm able to handle the markup and CSS for exhibiting the pictures. Things I need assistance with is knowing the way i can make this dynamically. Tumblr is wise enough to dynamically display different amounts of images while still always filling all the space. Here's another example with less image: http://bobbyandmaura.com/post/6700400507/photoset_iframe/bobbyandmaura/tumblr_ln23gi8EqU1qhd8ae/500

Hopefully I'm able to use math to produce a dynamic solution and so i do not have to by hand create a lot of different options.

My pal Victor Gonzáles developed Aurum to handle proportions and also have that nice effect. You will get it here: https://github.com/aficiomaquinas/Aurum-CSS

After this you furthermore group the pictures by similar proportions(w/h) having a tolerance of .2. To ensure that <0.2 is a group < .4 another, < .6, etc. Then possess a random possibility of breeding them in 1,2,3 posts / row.