im attempting to show the permalink right inside/following the excerpt

the code that im using in a designated area during my theme is

<div id="headline"> 
 <?php the_excerpt(); echo '<a href="'.get_permalink().'" class="more-link">'; echo '[Read more...]'; echo '</a>';?> 

the end result

<p>the excerpt here</p>
<a>permalink here</a>

how do i show the permalink within the same sentences the excerpt is displayed ?

<p> the_excerpt; <a>permalink</a> </p>

thanks all.

You can put the next code within the functions.php fule of the theme

function new_excerpt_more($more) {
   global $post;
   return '<a href="'. get_permalink($post->ID) . '">[Read more...]</a>';
add_filter('excerpt_more', 'new_excerpt_more');

This codex entry has more particulars on the best way to modify exactly what the excerpt spits out :