I've got a small network of websites setup with WordPress 3.0's multisite feature. I must create another site which pulls certain posts in the many other sites to show. This new 'hub' site would appear like its very own separate site towards the user (with domain mapping), nevertheless its submissions are from the posts in the other sites.

How do i get posts from another site inside a WordPress multisite setup? Can One query for posts in line with the title from the site? The finish result must be an accumulation of posts in the different sites sorted by date.

Interesting help.

This would not be terribly difficult to setup with direct database calls. You are able to query posts from the site around the install using the $wpdb object. See Displaying Posts Using a Custom Select Query for info on utilizing a custom database query, but bear in mind that rather than choosing from $wpdb->posts you are gonna need to access the particular site table you would like posts from. On the default Wordpress 3 install, this is wordpress_12_posts where 12 may be the site id. The id are available in the wordpress_blogs table, or by searching in the ID column within the Sites portion of the admin menu.