Hey men, I am attempting to use my wordpress groups as subdomains without needing a wordpress plugin since the only working wordpress plugin does not appear to utilize the brand new wordpress.

And So I produced the subdomains and I am hunting for a method to permit this to category1.mysite.com to exhibit this content of www.mysite.com/category/category1 without redirecting.

but my question is how you can edit the hyperlinks by hand for www.mysite.com/category/category1 when someone would go to my website the theme shows links by doing this www.mysite.com/category/category1 rather than showing the subdomain, what exactly files or database table must i edit to alter the way in which my theme shows the hyperlinks of groups and subcategories ?

as well as should you have the means to to the initial step within the .htaccess file please let me know about this. and thanks greatly :D

It appears like you will have to use Apache's Mod_Rewrite feature in ways that's not standard with WordPress permalink features.

Consider get_groups() function - this can return an assortment so that you can perform the following

foreach(get_categories() as $category) {
    $url = $category->category_nicename.'.mydomain.com';

out of this you need to have the ability to construct your own UL using the information.