I'm creating a file uploading form. I wish to include the pictures I have submitted to SVN after which commit that change.

Somthing like:

system('svn add *', $ret1);
system('svn commit -m "the files were added and committed"', $ret2);

echo '<hr />add: ' . $ret1';
echo '<hr />commit: ' . $ret2';

Issue is that php runs as "apache" so it can't make changes to SVN. Used to do the best factor and sought out similar question and located this one, but I'm not sure what password I am designed to use there. Using my ssh title/password does not work, does my svn account have its very own?

You have to understand using straight system calls ought to be prevented whenever possible, most particularly if the script resides inside a public webspace, .htaccess protected or otherwise.

I strongly suggest you consider this section of the manual and make your script using individuals functions if at all possible.

  • Hopefully, you're running 'nux by which situation getting ready to go is as simple as sudo apt-get php5-svn of all distros.

    Happy coding friend

does my svn account have its very own?

Yes, your svn server comes with an own account that normally is unrelated towards the account in your system. You need to know it because you must have it for connecting towards the SVN server and do commits.

You are able to sandbox your script by testing the instructions you need to execute from PHP within the spend first, to validate account information.

But that which was designed in the solution by stefgosselin applies, too: Be mindful with system instructions. Ensure you are operating within the right working sites. And That I don't believe it's wise to blindly commit user uploads w/o really proper validation first (no clue just how much safety you've implemented, just saying so). Better safe than sorry.

svn --username --password will help you to run the svn transaction as whomever you want. Hope this can help!