I presently possess a Java thread to update the database once every couple of seconds. The database is MSSQL 2005, Java version is 6..

You will find roughly 800 updates each time. What exactly Used to do was setAutoCommit(false) within the biginning and call commit() after 800 executeUpdate() calls. These takes about 500ms.

I additionally attempted using batch mode, and also the improvement is marginal. It takes approximately 250ms now.

Can there be in whatever way I'm able to improve it? 250ms still appears not fast enough.

The server and also the client have been in exactly the same data center, latency ought to be minimum.

You do not explain what you are attempting to do, therefore it is difficult to suggest enhancements.

One factor you could try is restructuring your dbms schema so that you can Place instead of UPDATE these rows every couple of seconds. That ought to help somewhat. You may have the ability to make use of an hourly or overnight Remove operation to wash the older data.

Another factor may be to learn how to structure the information so you are handling less than 800 rows. Are you able to put multiple data products together in one row. That will allow you to update less rows.

It needs to be stated, 800 updates inside a quarter second isn't horrible performance.