We have received the job by my customer to export data from the legacy DOS system, utilizing a RAIMA database, so it may be imported right into a new system we're writing on their behalf. It appears such as the information is saved inside a flat extendable, though whenever we open the files the majority of the text is gibberish.

We all do see Raima Database Manager along the top files we opened up ... We attempted Searching that term and appears it's an old database format. Obviously the seller who authored the program no more supports it. Can there be every other approach we take to could possibly get this data to export?

It is possible to method to instantly scrape the information in the screen?


It is a simple invoicing system, all the details is on one screen within the application.

it might help to be aware what version of Raima Database Manager was adopted db_Vista or RDM or Velocis or RDM Embedded? The approximate era once the DOS application was written is needed limit the potential version.

RDM Embedded was launched as free by Centura around 2000 after which re-named to db.linux. You will probably find some good info within the source code that sheds light how they structured the files.

Regardless db_Vista was created in 1982 so it's likely a b --Tree file/indexing system.

for Raima Data Manager Version 3.21A This article signifies the application was likely designed in C also it used Raima Data Definition Language to structure the files - try looking in the files for such like look into the .dbd and .tbl - you might want to view all of them with something similar to Mire which has a hex mode. The cool thing is the information structures are embeded within the files.


here's some links that may make you more details


http://www.raima.com/database_technology/rdm.php3 http://www.raima.com/database/download.php3





Raima still appear to become going, it may be worth shedding them a mail or seeing if a person of the new items is backwards compatible. Failing it's a situation of reverse engineering the application either to dump the information from this, or determine the extendable.

Will the DOS application run inside a command window in Home windows XP? If that's the case, you may have the ability to cut and paste the information right into a text editor or spreadsheet.

Also try this happens in my experience. You should use Java Robot as well as simple Win API code to transmit key strokes towards the command window to page with the records. That's half your fight. It appears such as the command window comes with an choice to "Choose All", mix by using the "Copy" command and you ought to be set.