I'm using wordpress and employ custom permalink structure: /%category%/%postname%/

My issue is that the decent number of individuals connect to the website without such as the trailing slash within the URL, so customers obtain a 404 page.

I am while using default .htaccess file that accompany wordpress because no solution I have attempted has labored. I have attempted while using Redirection wordpress plugin, without results.

I'd happily connect to the website, but I'm not going so that it is interpreted as self-promotion. Should you request, I'll give a link.

Could anybody assist me to look for a wordpress plugin or provide some .htaccess records to assist resolve this?

Thanks greatly!

An excellent reference for those things .htaccess is PerishablePress.com


RewriteRule ^(([^\/]+\/)*[^\/\.]+)$ $1/



inside your .htaccess file.

The question mark denotes an optional character sequence.