I am using Mootools inside a joomla site.

I wish to perform a fundamental banner rotator. Found a slider, SlideItMoo, that appears to mostly work.

However it appears in my experience the transitions are a little jerky, especially in the finish. For the finish of the circ:out or sine:out transition, the brand new image takes noteworthy steps.

Maybe however , time-slice is simply too large-grained. It is possible to way that i can reduce that point-slice to create the whole process softer? Or perhaps is there a different way to result in the transition appear softer?

I am using Mootools. Any solution should concentrate on mootools do not suggest I switch to a different framework.

I'm not sure why the transitions made an appearance to become jerky in my experience. Used to do some analysis and graphed the transition curves, and did not see anything really apparent.

I wound up building my very own transition, which to my attention made an appearance to make a softer visual effect.

// Requirements for a transition function are:
// - it should be continuous on the interval [0,1]
// - f(0) = 0, and f(1)= 1 .  f(x) between zero and 1
//   may fall out of that range.
// To guarantee the f(x)=1 , I produce a fn for which f(0)=0, 
// and f(1) is non-zero. Then I produce a second function which is the
// normalized transform of that, by simply using g(x)=f(x)/f(1), and
// use g(x) instead of f(x) as the transition function.  
// This guarantees that g(1) = 1.

function fn1(x) {
    return (Math.pow(x + 0.4, 3)  * Math.sin((x - 0.5)*3.1415926));

function g(x) {
    return fn1(x)/normalizationFactor;

normalizationFactor = fn1(1);
transitionCustom = new Fx.Transition(g);