How do i get Apache to show the items in my folder and supply links for them? Much like

I do not have the Apache configuration, so I am searching for something when it comes to .htaccess or something like that I'm able to do in only home folder.

Make use of the choice Indexes within the Apache configuration.

For example, within the .htaccess apply for your directory (if you're able to use individuals, and also have sufficient privilegies), you can put :

Options +Indexes

This functionnality is supplied by [cde], that has several options to permit fine-tunning from the produced output, btw

To obtain this working, that module should be loaded, and also to have the ability to activate the choice within an .htaccess file, you'll need the admin from the server to ensure you get privilegies (using the mod_autoindex directive within the Apache's primary config file, basically remember properly -- well, your admin ought to know that much better than me anyway ^^ )