I've got a Home windows/Apache/PHP atmosphere established to imitate a hosting that is shared account but cannot get mod_alias and mod_rewrite to experience nicely with each other. Both of them are certainly enabled in the server level as well as on a per-site basis.

I've d:\web\public_html\ setup as DocumentRoot. Usually it will likely be empty.

I've d:\web\sites\ that is where I'm going to be storing my sites and pointing to presenting Alias and contains the next directory structure beneath it:





I've aliases setup the following: (plus they certainly work!)

Alias /alfa d:/web/sites/alfa/public_html

<Directory "D:\web\sites\alfa\public_html">

    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

    AllowOverride None

    Order allow,deny

    Allow all


The public_html folder(s) are where my per-site .htaccess files are saved plus they certainly have mod_rewrite enabled but will not work properly.

To date I've come unstuck using what RewriteBase ought to be. I have attempted /, /alfa, /alfa/ and alfa/. I have even attempted d:\web\sites\alfa\public_html, d:/web/sites/alfa/public_html, d:\web\sites\alfa and d:/web/sites/alfa with no success!

Is even possible? If that's the case, what shall we be held doing wrong?

I'd clearly prefer to keep my Alias directives centralised by RewriteRules in per-site .htaccess files.

You're while using

AllowOverride None

directive and therefore crippling any .htaccess files within the aliased directory. Remove that, also it should work.

/ should work with RewriteBase.