It is a project requirement that some assets 't be openly accessible, so I am serving them up with an AssetsController, such as this:

  def show
    asset = Asset.find(params[:id])
    unless Article.viewable_by(current_user).find_by_id(asset.attachable_id).nil?
      send_file = params[:style]), :type => asset.data_content_type, :disposition => 'inline' #THIS
      head(:forbidden) and return

Works acceptable for images. Videos aren't playing within the browser. They work fine when offered up from /public.

Here are a few screenshots (tugging the assets, network tab on Chrome developer tools is open)

Working (it plays, still seeing canceled demands)

enter image description here



This is what Apache needs to say about this:

[ pid=2796 thr=140722427586528 file=ext/apache2/Hooks.cpp:784 time=2011-12-06 21:36:57.803 ]: Either the vistor clicked on the 'Stop' button in the web browser, or the visitor's connection has stalled and couldn't receive the data that Apache is sending to it. A$

I made two demands, and also got a number of these for every one.

Any ideas?