I have found their email list Hooked Functions method to show all of the elements which are adding towards the final render, but I wish to see which of individuals functions is ultimately accountable for rendering a particular bit of output. Ideally, it might work much like Magento's Template Hints therefore the responsible code shows up next to the resultant output.

I suppose I possibly could write a function that hooks into each event and attempts to obtain the last function within the chain of hooks for your particular component...

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks, Jonathan

I believe this is very difficult to do. Wordpress output originates from everywhere, many little functions that call echo by themselves without notifying anything (initiating no hook). If everything experienced a template, you can customize the code that calls web site therefore it prints the title from the template first, as the Magento example appears to complete. But this isn't the Wordpress way, so that your best attempt might be to exchange each and every call to echo with echo __FILE__ . ': ' . __FUNCTION__ . or something like that strange like this.

You might want to try "WordPress Hook Sniffer" at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-hook-sniffer/ or even the method pointed out at "Determining WordPress Hooks" http://blog.aizatto.com/2010/03/14/identifying-wordpress-hooks/.