I'm not sure if you'll be able to give a Expensive banner right into a Wordpress theme... Ideally, this banner could be within the header from the site always. Any applying for grants the way i might make this happen?

Yes, it's greatly possible. What I would suggest is by using swfobject to exchange the your present header having a Expensive movie. By doing this it'll degrade beautifully for everybody that lacks an effective expensive player, and you also get the advantage of proper google indexing.

I have observed that wordpress is very picky about how exactly you add stuff for your pages. I discovered which i needed to utilize a wordpress plugin known as Kimili Expensive Embed. After I triggered that, I made use of their syntax to embed several expensive pieces on my small site.

You have to edit the related .php file that consists of your banner (I'm not sure what version of WordPress you are using).

The code is going to be resource-intensive and ugly, though.