The mistake message occur after i have multiple request within the server. and my server hosting explained that my max user connection is just 15. how do i manage this request and steer clear of this error.?

During my.cnf put:


or if you cannot change this file, you will need to limit the amount of connections inside your php software (if you work with a swimming pool or similar) to prevent achieve this limit.

Based upon your atmosphere the solution can differ greatly. The primary point point is you have to better manage your connections make sure to close them when you're done, re-rely on them when you are able. Not understanding your stack I can not provide you with better advice. You may decide to check if you're opening a persistent connection and never closing it.

  1. Switch to another host companyOrbundle

  2. Enhance the performance of the queries by refactoring the queries and altering indexing

  3. Don't open db connections inside your code until you have to operate a query

  4. clearly close db connections soon after they're no more needed

  5. If you're running exactly the same queries frequently, cache the information outdoors the DBMS (a smaller amount efficient / requires a lot more code than using DB caching)