You will find numerous hosting services for git, Mercurial, etc. I have to host my very own, because a few of the data you want to keep there's of the sensitive character, and that we cannot move them back-site.

I have to host a Mercurial repository on the server to ensure that numerous people can can get on to both pull changes and push their very own work. There should be some type of password protection, also it may also use ssh. I'd prefer HTTP(S) because the transfer protocol (a la Google Code) though, if at all possible.

Can somebody point me to some description of how to get this done? I've only found explanations for hosting single-user databases and hosting services to date, but nothing about doing the multi-user hosting myself.

Take a look in the PublishingRepositories page about the mercurial site. It will explain how to setup the hgwebdir.cgi script for serving multiple repos over https.

Once you have set up it, I would suggest adding this for your hgrc:


style = gitweb

I've found it's a little better theme compared to default.