I'm presently creating a CoeIgniter website on WAMP (in offline mode). However, I must develop two more:

  • One CI site
  • And something Wordpress site

For that CI site, I have read that you could have multiple application folders (all pointing towards the same system folder), but I am unsure how you can direct the request to either. And I'm not sure anything about how exactly I possibly could start hosting word-press and CI on a single server. Can you really do that?

EDIT: this isn't online, it's on my small home Home windows computer



Interesting reactions everyone, I believed it, it involved creating virtual hosts during my apache build.

Used to do it by using this excellent tutorial: http://cesaric.com/?p=255

It is dependent in your host. But many hosts enables you to place your applications in various sites and point each domain title to some specific application. Generally you've some type of domain manager that allows you assign each domain to some subdirectory from the webroot. When not apparent, just review your host's support.

I'm not sure should you saw this, but this is the way you'd run multiple CodeIgniter applications utilizing the same system:


You can easily insert them in different folders within the "wamp/www" directory


You'll be able to produce a MySQL database for every project.

To see these folders inside a browser, you'd go to http://localhost/codeigniter and http://localhost/wordpress correspondingly.