I attempted to incorporate silverlight content during my blog publish. But wordpress is striping out many tags. Even I attempted using 'text only editor' of wordpress, but of no avail.

I discovered it. Wordpress plugin needed: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/silverlight-for-wordpress/. Passed couple of parameters &lifier boom, I could pull in silverlight on my small wordpress blog.

I recommend rather supplying a picture connect to your Silverlight content after which hosting it on another location. This can also give your customers a preview of the Silverlight content without needing these to download the entire application until they decide to.

You cannot Wordpress limits the HTML that is permitted inside your blog to safe tags meaning there's not a way to possess active content in wordpress.com blog (also is described within the FAQ and also the usage agreement).

This really is to safeguard customers of the blog against malicious code that has hit Facebook and Bebo badly within the the past few years.