We're searching to maneuver from manual scripts towards the RedGate database source control to handle our databases.

You want to make changes to saved procs/searches etc after which just check them into towards the SVN trunk that will fire a brand new TeamCity build. I have checked out the RedGate docs plus some google results (eg http://www.troyhunt.com) plus they seem to diff the schema that ought to be ok. The problem may be the lookup tables.

We've listed what tables are research/static tables (in SQL studio) but how do i have that list towards the SQL Data compare tool (I suppose I possibly could consider the files within the Data folder)? Also, Wouldso would we start upgrading existing data, eg upper situation all surnames?

Another two items of fun shall we be have multiple clients utilizing the same database schema however, many may be on version .3 plus some on .4. I am speculating we will have to alter the source control binding in SQL when you want to focus on a older version (e.g. for any bug fix to reside)

Does other people perform continous deployments with multiple versions of databases?

It ought to be possible to produce a TeamCity build for trunk &lifier each branch, using the integration with SQL Compare command line &lifier SQL Data Compare command line.