On my small joomla website, Let me possess a "about weInch article continually be the very first article around the top of the page. I would like another articles to change lower in place as new content is added, but to help keep the "about weInch one constantly on the top. I attempted setting an order of this article around the top of the page manager to -1, however it still moved lower after i added a brand new article. Any ideas?

You can write that info inside a module and publish that module ready that turns up prior to the component.

Unless of course you discover an sufficient wordpress plugin with this specific need, I am afraid you need to by hand customize the template.

With respect to the setup, you should use the section or category info like a "fake" article. Enable showing the section/category description within the food selection (it's off automatically) you'll also find a text that's always at the very top.

Have you got the leading page sorted by date? Should you choose make the about us article possess a produced date of 2099-01-01 and make certain you turn off show date for your article

I had been struggelng with similar problem,... and also have found the answer within the joomla documentation.

Within the frontpage manager set order number for that article that you would like to become "always-on-top" to -1 (minus one). This can make certain it'll always possess a lower order number compared to other articles, even if others submit articles.