I have got an interior C# application that I wish to start implementing externally. I have got features which i only want open to internal customers, but I'd rather not make use of multiple releases. I additionally don't wish to change the way in which internal customers are presently while using program.

So, what I am thinking is: 1) Look into the domain from the PC the program is running on. Whether it's my company's domain, then switch on the interior features. This program might run on Computers which are disconnected in the domain and running offline.

2) Possess a password option in addition make it possible for internal features.

So, for internal customers on domain machines, it appears exactly like it always did. For internal customers on non-domain machines, they be capable of switch on the interior features. For exterior customers, they do not obtain the internal features.

What's the easiest method to implement the "may be the computer a part of a website, even when offline" in C#?


I believe it's more difficult than that, because that might be simple to search for and createa spoofing domain.

I'd suggest setting a particular value inside your LDAP directory and searching through LDAP for your value (possibly with a few file encryption to really make it harder). This could possess the advantage you would like without having to be quite as easily side stepped.

It might be side stepped, just less than so easily.