I want a method to limit the meta box to some single page (ID=84) ... basically perform the following it really works, but sbumit data doesn't undergo and information is not saved ...


function violin_init()
    if ($_GET['post'] == '84')
        wp_enqueue_style('violin_admin_css', VIOLIN_THEME_PATH . '/custom/meta.css');

        add_meta_box('violin_options_meta', 'Highlight Content', 'violin_options_meta', 'page', 'normal', 'high');


I have found an answer that actually works, but If only there is a means with the wordpress API and/a treadmill of wordpress' globals ...

the next works:

if ($_GET['post'] == '84' OR $_REQUEST['post_ID'] == '84')

Furthermore you may also filter with a specific template:

$post_id = $_GET['post'] ? $_GET['post'] : $_POST['post_ID'] ;

$template_file = get_post_meta($post_id,'_wp_page_template',TRUE);

if ($template_file == 'home.php') {} // by template file

if ($post_id == 84) {} // by page ID

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