I am attempting to limit the string creation of get_the_content however i aren't able to find anywhere around the internet regarding how to do that.

Everything I've found is concerning the_content().

I am not while usingcontent material because I would like the string to become unformatted and since for whatever reason it does not appear to operate directly on my loop for the posts I've.

Anyways, does anybody no steps to make get_the_content return merely a specified quantity of figures from the actual description? I'd rather not turn to while using excerpt as that's restricted to another information I am using.

I've not examined this but It works..

Visit wordpress-includes/publish-template.php

Discover the get_the_content() function

In the finish from the function, there's

return $output;

Before that final line, add

$output = preg_replace("/((\S+\s+){1,13}).*/s","\\1",strip_tags($output));

So you are playing

    $output = preg_replace("/((\S+\s+){1,13}).*/s","\\1",strip_tags($output));

return $output;

The part you will want to change may be the number "13" within the code above - just put the amount of words you need to display

Tell me how which works for you

try substr(),

$description = substr(get_the_content(), 0, $number_of_characters);