Title states the majority of it.

I've inherited a Joomla site and also the client wants area of the primary template (an element-type box) to become editable through the Joomla after sales.

I suppose really it's a content item that never will get displayed since it's own page, but as part of all pages.

Is the fact that possible?


EDIT: By editable, I am talking about as a bit of content, less editing web site HTML. I hardly expect non-tech customers to obtain things in a WYSIWYG text editor, a smaller amount change Web coding that may ruin the entire site.

The Custom HTML Module enables you to definitely create, edit, and display your personal free-form HTML on the Joomla site utilizing a WYSIWYG editor.

Inside your administration user interface you'll find the "Module Manager" under "Extensions" within the drop lower navigation menu. There you may create this module, select a position inside your template to show it, after which choose what parts of your website the module ought to be shown on.

You would like this content products module.

Content Items Module

By doing this a person can also add content normally while using standard content pages, however, you because the developer can set the module as much as reveal that content like a module only. You've got a Large amount of options using the above module too, you are able to set individual, category, intro, primary everything type of factor. Dont connect to the page or category also it will not be proven around the primary site, just within the module :)

The joomla extension directory is filled with excellent achievements.

Best of luck

Joomla templates will always be editable through the after sales. Got to Extensions->Template Manager->Select web site you are using to edit it->and then up within the plugin there'll choices for editing the html or even the css in addition to many design (look) options over around the right. That's in Joomla 1.5.

Use a special component for Joomla to edit templates, any kind of template, any Tag. See dewem template editor component