<?php echo $pane->startPane('article-edit'); ?>
<?php echo $pane->startPanel(JText::_('Editor'), 'editor-page'); ?>
        <legend><?php echo $fields['introtext']->label; ?></legend>
        <?php echo $fields['introtext']->field; ?>
        <legend><?php echo $fields['fulltext']->label; ?></legend>
        <?php echo $fields['fulltext']->field; ?>
    <div style="display:none;"><?php echo $fields['id']->field; ?></div>
<?php echo $pane->endPanel(); ?>

How do i Get This To Read only area... The fields Pointed out above are text editors. How Do I make sure they are read Only..

But you may make the editor content to become displayed without editor. With this you have to create a custom component of another editor type.

Look into the code of current editor area. In getInput() function you have to handle your requirement. Add this code in the finish of the function, before return statement.

$readonly = (int) $this->element['readonly'];
   return htmlspecialchars($this->value, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8');

and you have to call the brand new element with new type, like

        type="customeditor"  // put type of new element here
        readonly="1"/>   // need to add readonly=1