Our customer really wants to use Joomla! and that i don't have any prior connection with it. I've been searching through Joomla! documentation and lessons over internet, however i just cannot find how do i make just static html pages and menu. Joomla! adds some tables (for layout!) inside your articles also it obviously will ruin my very own html.

You can include custom html by going site's administration panel and after that visit Extensions-Module Manager, in this article click New button on the top right side and from next page choose "Custom HTML"

Joomla includes a steep learning curb if you are not seriously interested in learning it. If all you are doing is static HTML pages, utilizing a different Content management systems may be the answer. Possibly you have to request your customer why they would like to use Joomla. When they reply it's shiny, you will want to influence these to look whatsoever another options. It will not help either them or else you if Joomla works out to become the incorrect Content management systems.

Couple of ideas in your question:

I am likely to assume your while using standard JA Wholesomeness template here.

  1. Joomla handles menus for you personally. You don't have to achieve the menus heading down the right or left side as modules if you won't want to. You are able to configure a horizontal menu which seems just beneath the header. Consider the Customizing the JA Purity template tutorial for that names from the different positions available. You alter the positioning and also the type (vertical to horizontal) within the Module Manager. The positions readily available for menu positions are restricted through the template you utilize.

  2. You mention just getting static HTML pages. So in Joomla you'll treat each page being an article. Produce a new article for every of the pages. It's not necessary to make use of the standard editor if you won't want to, you are able to toggle to HTML mode or power it down completely.

  3. You will have to increase your menu structure while using Menu manager. Each food selection could be designated to exhibit just one article layout, and you will choose the right article to exhibit at that time.

  4. Should you simply want a header, an appearance that contains the content, along with a footer, then just make certain you've switched off all every other modules like the login around the Module Manager. Your article will span the width from the page then.

  5. Web site includes a footer. You can include no matter what you would like inside. This is when the Custom HTML module might prove useful. You may create a module after which put it within the template positions obtainable in the footer.